Monday, November 10, 2008

my 2008 trip to Quezon

this is long overdue blog about my trip last August in Quezon. it was a short trip and mostly we only stayed there for half day and stayed at 1 place the whole afternoon. i just want to post this to have a remembrance. wehe.

ate veron and me. just arrived at Quezon National Agricultural School.

aileen.carol-korean language instructor. ate veron. manay nita. edalyn. having a

tired aileen. this is my first ever "back" picture. =)

ate veron and me. didn't have a chance to dip in the tub.

my officemates.


chubskulit said...

ang saya naman, oiiiist visit mo naman ako hahaha.. if pwede pa follow na rin blog ko hehehe... follow mo blog ni hubby, follow ka din nun hehehe...

aileena said...

yah it was fun though short. question. bat ang konti lang na pede i-upload na pics dito?pano ba pagdagdag?