Sunday, November 16, 2008

a night out with friends

my friends and i have been planning this gimik for a long time but it was always postponed due to various reasons. but last week my friend bok texted me and said we really have to push through with the plan because i have already moved on with my life. he only said it just to convince me anyways. he didn't have to try hard because i was really looking forward about it and i am not broke at the time. LOL. so it was final we were having the gimik. finally.
friday night came i was tired from work but was excited to finally go out with friends. louella, bhim, bok, haide with her bf mike and me finally got together. we went to pepperland hotel a place in albay district. i went there already like 2 years ago. thankfully it didn't disappoint us. we had a blast. all the girls only had 2 drinks. but it was enough for us to really get us out of our shells. when dance music came we lost ourselves to the music. we really had a good time. the pics here didn't do justice to us having fun. hehe.
it was nice to hang out with friends whom you rarely see and be with. it was one of those times when we forget all the other things that bug us even for a short time. it was really really nice to just let go because you were with friends who you really care about. true friends. hopefully we can get together again some time soon.
ate rose if you're reading this haidz said that when you come home ikaw daw ang taya. hehe.


chubskulit said...

nata wara si kristin hehehe.. yeah right, why AKO ang taya hahaha... Kayo nga dyan may mga trabaho eh hahaha ako wala... but let us see

aileena said...

ay ewan kay tin kung bakit.we texted her but said she wasn't available. oh wel. maybe next time.