Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My cousin gave birth to a healthy baby boy last night through CS. I'm super super excited to see them both but unfortunately i won't be going home till friday. For now i have to just text her and ask for updates. I was asked by my cousin to look for names for her baby boy but all the names i suggested were rejected. Either its too old fashioned or is already the name of a nephew or a cousin. At the end her hubby decided to name their baby VINCE DEO. Names of both their lolo's. It's a nice name if i may say so myself. Next blog i'll try to post my new nephew's pic here.
I want to have my own baby!!!! But first I have to convince my bf to marry me. LOL.


chubskulit said...

congrats to your cuss, im gonna be completely happy pag ikaw na ang mommy..

if you want to add some widgets in here, just click the widgets in my sidebars ok,...

aileena said...

i'm going to be completely happy when i have my own baby too. hehe. i've been praying but i guess its not yet the right time for me. i need to convince my bf to marry me first. LOL.
ok. i'll IM you na lang how to do the "widget" thingy. im pretty new with this. thanks.