Wednesday, November 12, 2008


i was feeling so blah yesterday. i haven't slept well the night before and i woke up with a heavy head. all day at work i didn't feel like working and talking with my officemates. my being so out of this world yesterday affected my work and how i interacted with my officemates. i just didn't feel like the good person that i am. i was not up to make a good face in front of everyone when inside i was feeling so blah. if i just make a good face for the benefit of everybody else it would just be so false and i don't like treating other people different from how i truly feel. so i was the grouchy aileen the whole day.
evening came and i was going ok already. but then i was watching the evening news and something caught my attention. the news was all about an OFW who worked as a nurse and one day a nerve on her brain snapped which resulted to her being incapacitated. my heart went out to her and the family. nobody deserves to suffer like that. i know God has purpose for everything and to question Him is wrong. the news was a good slap on my face. you see i was being so ungrateful with my life and for what i have the whole day when in fact its just a little thing compared to other people who suffer a great deal. its so easy for us to think that life is unfair whenever we feel so down. but in reality compared to many other people around the world this things that come to us is just like a bite of an ant unlike them its like being trampled on by an elephant. do you get what i mean?
i am guilty of being ungrateful sometimes when i feel like im the lousiest person on earth at that moment. but that was a good lesson to me. i know now not to be like that. i just have to think and have to put it inside of my head that i am lucky to be alive, to love and be loved, to have food on my plate, to be healthy, to have work, to have a family. i could go on and on and on. i sometimes forget all about it. sometimes i get so busy in comparing myself to others that i forget all the important and good things that i have. now i know. you should too.


chubskulit said...

that's why we should always be grateful for everything that we have. When things go wrong, just think that in this world there's a lot of people having a problem worse than yours. Happy blogging and cheer up!

Ate R...

aileena said...

thanks. =)